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I’m pretty good at that media thing: I’ve recently appeared on Fox News Business a couple of times, and our company, StreetCred Software, has been featured in a host of places, including The Atlantic, Fast Company and eWeek.

But then there are these… other Nick Selbys. All of whom, it seems, have excelled in art or technology. This page is to help you keep them straight – but it’s not a comprehensive collection. Got more? Buzz me.

Nick Selby, Nerd God and Motivational Speaker – In August of 2013, Nick Selby, sophomore at Georgia Tech (and mechanical co-lead at Georgia Tech Solar Jackets) brought the world to its feet with a hugely motivational, highly entertaining convocation at GT. See him discussing it with Neil Cavuto on Fox News.

Nick Schilbe, Web Application Jedi Knight – Nick and I finally got to meet at Code for America, where his company, WhiteHat Security (a company I am proud to say we are customers of) was kind enough to donate web application penetration testing to the Accelerator class. Nick is the Senior Director of Solutions Architecture at WhiteHat , and generally a boss individual and a star in the information security world.

Nick Selby, Oenophile and Wine Importer –  A New Orleans native and LSU and Tulane alum, Nick is an operating partner and sales manager at Uncorked in New Orleans.

Nick Selby, Poetry Editor and Scholar – Nick Selby is Professor of American Literature in, and Head of, the School of American Studies at the University of East Anglia. He’s written well-received books on Herman Melville, Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot and Walt Whitman, and heaps of research papers.

Nick Selby, Public Utilities & Telecommunications Attorney – Earl Nicholas Selby practiced law at the California Public Utilities Commission for 33 years, and now runs his own law firm.

Nick Selby, Art Student –  Nick Selby from the Boston area (where he was, thankfully, too young to be getting press when our family lived in Brookline until 2008) studies at MassArt, and attended Mass College of Art and Design and Stoughton High School. Check out his Facebook page.

Nick Selby, Marmelade Master – London-based Nick Selby, the marmalade master at seriously fancy Primrose Hill grocer Melrose & Morgan, explains how to make the perfect breakfast preserve with grapefruit, Seville orange and blood orange in this article in the Daily Telegraph.

There’s also Nick Selby, musician and singer in Nashville, Nick Selby the African adventurer and Landy repair guru, and there’s also an oenophile Nick Selby whose email I keep getting sent to me because of similar Gmail addresses.

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