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The First Tuesday

At 0755 we started PT. Oscar shouting cadence.

Here we go
Up the hill
No big deal
Is good for me
At the

About a mile and a half, then pushups, situps and some fence jumping. We’re starting to coalesce as a team, helping out the slower guys, cheering each other on.

The academic day was hazardous materials and first aid. Never gave sufficient thought to the quantity of deadly chemicals traipsing around on America’s highways, nor to the insouciant attitude of America’s truck driving professionals about the deadliness of the cargo they’re carrying.

Spent the morning talking about all the ways our lungs could melt, and our responsibilities and actions once something God-awful, like a Chlorine-tanker or, as the veteran police- and firefighting professional instructor called it, “a truck fulla methyl-ethyl-bad-stuff-gonna-kill-ya-dead“) overturning, occurs.

In the afternoon we covered baby birthing, a subject about which I know a little (having been with Juliana when she delivered Hunter and having cut the umbilical cord – a little like cutting a garden hose). Fascinating stuff.

In the afternoon we did a scenario about arrival on-scene to a domestic disturbance. I was one of the few officers not killed when the woman turned out to be the aggressor, not the victim, and shot my partner dead before I shot her. This was because my partner (in Class A, not one of my Class 1 colleagues) instructed me to go watch a dead body instead of the woman’s hands. Now he’s dead. And he was a good cop. A man with a family. Whoa, sorry – lapsed into a TJ Hooker script for a second.)

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