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Circling Back

At a vendor briefing the other day, a firm referred to its roots in the ‘Gaming industry.’

451: You mean gambling?
Vendor: Well, gaming.
451: Playing online games where the winner gets money?
Vendor: Well, sometimes.
451: So what is, exactly, the difference between ‘gaming’ and ‘gambling’?
Vendor: Well, I guess the law would say that Gambling is when you partake in a game of chance and bet money on it.
451: Okay, so you sell to sites that offer gaming, where you play games where no one wins money?
Vendor: Well, uh, well, yeah. I mean…
451: I mean, are we talking Doom or are we talking poker?
Vendor: Well, really … Well, certainly it could be Doom, that would be ‘Gaming’, but poker…

Yesterday after another vendor briefing we were speaking about some of the phrases we are hearing more from the suits at start-ups, and contemplating a dictionary:

Open the Kimono – Tell you the truth

Circle back on that – Answer your question later

Cover that offline – Answer your question later

Best-of-breed – ‘We mimic each and every product feature claim of our competitor so now we’ve decided to say we’re better than them’

Then we figured, why bother. There’s probably ten of ‘em online now.

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